The Frog Kissing Days are Over

Online dating can seem like an endless swamp of personal profiles — all of them competing for your attention. Often people find that once they have taken the bold step to contact someone who seems promising, that enthusiasm fades when the person is quick to judge others or seems to hide their true self behind their internet persona.

It’s understandable; nobody wants to get hurt. And increasingly, nobody wants to waste their time chasing the wrong person, only to risk “missing out” on someone else. As a result, online dating rarely brings out the best in people. Even when we genuinely want a chance to connect, there is seldom time before someone decides to cut their losses — moving on before getting too involved.

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MADOTA is different. It is not a dating site. There is no browsing. There are no cleverly written or misleading online profiles. There are no games, and no players.

MADOTA is a unique personalized and confidential service. The introductions I make are carefully considered. The people I deal with are committed to finding a relationship based on a meaningful and lasting connection.

Many people come to me because they find that online dating can be a stressful and empty experience.
If you feel that you are ready to pursue a real and authentic relationship, download my short pamphlet.

When you are ready, I will show you a better way to find who you are looking for. I will help take the stress out of dating, so that you will be excited again about meeting a prospective match — someone who is genuinely interested in meeting YOU.