Iranian Singles, Persian Dating Site, Iranian Dating SiteAs a matchmaker and therapist, I take the time to get to know each one of my clients: I interview them; I listen to what they say, as well as how they say it; I establish a personal connection with each client in order to get a feeling for him or her on an emotional and intuitive level.

You begin with answering my online questionnaire and take detailed personality and compatibility tests, to create a complete personal profile. After that, our interview and personal conversations start. All of our work together is guided by the Certified Matchmaker’s Code of Ethics.

One of  my clients described the process as “part science, part art, and part magic.”

Matchmaking is about finding “The One” — not just the one for right now.

To find you a match, I refer to my personal notes, your questionnaire data and test results, which are tagged and categorized in a secure database. Once I have found someone I feel may be a match for you, I follow up with more direct questions for both of you, to get a better idea of what you will be like together.

If all goes well, and I feel confident, I make the introduction. After you have met, I follow up with both of you to get feedback, answer questions and give you my observations and coaching. If you like, we arrange a second meeting with your match and exchange more information.

If the date was not what you were looking for, it’s not a failure: We take the lessons from this date and incorporate them into a deeper understanding of yourself and what you want. You and your date get closure and wish each other well as you continue on your individual journeys.

Meanwhile, I deepen my search with this new knowledge and find you the next candidate.

The MADOTA difference

I know people.

But beyond knowing lots of people and how they behave as a rule, a match maker must also understand each client’s personal truth—what her vision for her life is,  what his core values are. My job is to tune in to what will make you happy as an individual, and then to find  a person who will complement your happiness.

Only that way can you share the foundation that you need to build a life together.